Sierra to Sage Shop Hop Success!

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Sierra to Sage Shop Hop a success.  Last weekend we had an amazing time hosting the Sierra to Sage Shop Hoppers in our store.  Over three days there were 217 Hoppers that visited our store!  What a great opportunity to meet new folks and spread the word about our little quilt shop out in the country.  We had seven volunteers helping us, three cutting stations and four cash registers going.  Each participating shop had to design a pattern to give to all shop hoppers and make a row based on a phrase from the song, "America The Beautiful".  Our phrase was "Above Thy Fruited Plain".  The first thing that came to mind was all of the diverse colored crops in our state.  So we ran with that idea and came up with a colorful pattern and row for everyone to enjoy.  We have just a few kits left in the store.  Reserve September 5, 6, 7 for the 2019 Sierra to Sage Shop Hop. It was a great event!