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Country Pines Quilt Shop 


Are you a Turnip? Welcome to Country Pines Quilt Shop in Susanville, Lassen County, California where missing quilter's "turnip" all the time! The 2019 Row by Row theme "Taste the Experience" has opened a world of fun and humor for us as we "define our turnip patches" in our quilting endeavors. Turnip here, turnip there, turnip everywhere! Enjoy quilting, enjoy life, and enjoy making our row. The finished row size is 12" x 27". Have fun and peronalize your turnip. Add a face, jewelry, or whatever is needed to make the turnip your own. Enjoy the family recipe that is included in the pattern. The pattern and all fabrics used in our row are included in the kit. The letters have been pre-cut and pre-fused to make it the kit easier to assemble. Backing and binding not included in the kit.